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androidアプリ「Ulysse Speedometer Pro」の情報まとめページです。アプコレではアプリのダウンロードや売上の人気ランキング推移、おすすめポイントなどを掲載。 現在、 「圏外」です。

自動車 android
Ulysse Speedometer Pro androidアプリ
4.6 (4,054)

ULYSSE SPEEDOMETER PRO?the ultimate advanced GPS tool that is not only a high-precision G…

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androidアプリ『Ulysse Speedometer Pro』有料ランキング順位の推移


自動車: 現在 圏外(最高2位/123日前)

androidアプリ『Ulysse Speedometer Pro』売上ランキング順位の推移


自動車: 現在 圏外(最高15位/122日前)

『Ulysse Speedometer Pro』の開発者より

ULYSSE SPEEDOMETER PRO?the ultimate advanced GPS tool that is not only a high-precision GPS* Speedometer, displaying not only the current speed (analog or digital) but also packing in many other exciting features.

As a part of our Ulysse community, you’ll find its functionality indispensable. To discover further what’s packed into our tool, visit:

At binarytoys Lab, we listen to our users and are constantly integrating your feature requests?Ulysse is not only built by us, but also by you, our Ulyssers!

How about:

★ Overlays?display important speed/direction/time info over your other installed apps
★ Trip Computer?record the current, yesterday’s, today’s, week’s, month’s journeys
★ Track recorder?trace your journey and export to SD and/or email as GPX or Google Earth KML format
★ Multiple profiles: for every car, bike, velo, walking, skiing
★ Music Controller?control your installed music player directly
★ HUD?a Head-Up Display for your windshield
★ GPS Altimeter
★ GPS Compass
★ Latitude/longitude display
★ Settings km/h, mph, knots; miles/feet, kilometers, nautical miles
★ Maximum displayed speeds: 1900 km/h / 1160 mph / 1000 knots!
★ Racing meter?measure acceleration times: 0-100 km/h, 0-60 mph and for 1/4 mile.
★ Average speed indicator
★ Switchboard ? menu system providing easy setting changes of functions ? simply tap the main speedometer dial for activation
★ Three shortcut pages?Application, Communication, Navigation; for a total 36 user-defined application shortcuts
★ Speed limits’ warnings (‘Speed Edge’) ? define audio and visual speed alarms
★ App quickstart?assign other installed apps and called in just two taps
★ Customizable UI colors?are 16 million colors enough?
★ Current battery status info?charge, temperature
★ Car dock support?application automatically starts and exits on docking and undocking
★ Run the speedometer in background mode?show speed discretely in the status bar and even gives visual notification for speed limits**
★ Binarytoys’ Customer support second-to-none… take a look at our reviews!

But don’t limit Ulysse to just your automobile!

Imagine accessing all the features mentioned via virtually any means of transport.
Whether traveling by van, truck, bus, motorbike, bike, horse, unicycle, Segway, plane, helicopter, foot, camel, taxi, rickshaw, skateboard, train, boat, hang-gliding or paragliding (etc.)?you will find a useful use for Ulysse!

We Love our Ulyssers ? And They Love Ulysse!

We are fully dedicated to our user base ? with its millions of loyal worldwide users, we are constantly building on this success to guarantee that Ulysse remains on pole position now and in the future.

You don’t have to take our word for it, read what some of the top names in the business are saying:

"Poetry in motion"?AndroidPit.com
"Most advanced Speedometer App"?AppEggs.com
"this virtual dashboard has been a proven lifesaver"?complex.com
"...enter Ulysse Speedometer to save me"?Richard Devine, AndroidCentral
"Accurate, visually appealing and informative speedometer application"?Crackberry.com

Have we forgotten something? Visit our homepage and send us a comment.

Would you like to see Ulysse translated into your own language? Contact us today at binarytoys@gmail.com to find out how or join us on http://crowdin.net/project/ulysse-speedometer

*Dependent on phone hardware

**In the case of system overloading, a small lag is possible

Known limitation - trip distance may have 2-3% deviation from car's odometer data

Look to ulysse.ibolt.co for a new car-dock for your phone! ULYSSEスピードメーターだけでなく、高精度のGPSであるPRO-究極の高度なGPSツール*スピードメーター、現在の速度(アナログまたはデジタル)だけでなく、表示するだけでなく、他の多くのエキサイティングな機能で梱包。


情報更新日: 2017/05/27
アップデート: 2017/05/17
公開元: binarytoys
利用制限など: 3 歳以上

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