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Once Fantasy Football season starts, don’t be that guy who only looks at weekly rankings.…

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『FF League Waiver & Trade Dominator 2017』の開発者より

Once Fantasy Football season starts, don’t be that guy who only looks at weekly rankings. Dominate your league by acquiring players who will win week after week throughout the playoffs. Waiver wire, free agents and trades: make the smart transactions that build your roster. Let the Footballguys Waiver & Trade Dominator be your guide.

► The most powerful & high-tech app available for Fantasy Football roster management from the guys who revolutionized drafting with the Draft Dominator:

• Import your rosters from your league host (all major fantasy football providers supported)
• Customize to your fantasy football league settings
• See how many times you’re likely to start each player
• Breakdowns of how each player helps your starting lineups and your bench strength
• Find out how many points your starters are going to score for you over your next best options: how valuable are your players?
• See your lineup’s projected points and bench strength for each week remaining in the season
• Every week, we project each player's statistics for the rest of the season. Don’t use outdated projections or rankings that don’t adapt to your league settings! React as the values of players change throughout the year.
• Weekly trade targets: target players whose stock is on the rise
• Get textual, chart and statistical analysis of trade offers made to you

► Why is it better than the competition? Only the Fantasy Football Waiver & Trade Dominator supports…

• Affect all calculations with weekly weights: confident of making the playoffs? Start optimizing for them early in the season!
• Suggests trades that work for both you and your opponent
• Detailed weekly stock up and stock down reports from our Sigmund Bloom
• Preview each transaction before you act: how will it affect your starting lineups, bench and positional balance?
• Utilizes the cloud to save settings between your different devices
• Comprehensive depth charts
• Multiple news feeds and our reactions
• Understands balancing the strength of your starting lineups with the strength and balance of your bench
• Analyzing your strength at each individual position, and shows you the data using at-a-glance charts
• Content from our 60+ staff

► Supports very advanced fantasy football league settings including:

• All offensive positions (QB, RB, WR, TE, WR+TE combined, RB/WR flex, RB/WR/TE flex, QB/RB/WR/TE flex, PK)
• IDP (DL, LB, DB, DE, DT, OLB, ILB, CB, S, any IDP)
• Keepers
• Returners
• TD only
• Multi-flex leagues
• Highly advanced scoring: distance scoring for touchdowns, yardage bonuses, ability to enter fully customizable scoring rules
• Scoring can be defined differently by position (ie TEs = 1.5 PPR, while RBs = 1 PPR)

► About Footballguys:

Every site claims self appointed "gurus" or "experts". That's nice. Footballguys claims a proven track record of customers dominating their leagues. Whether it's the high stakes contests like FFPC or NFFC, national contests from ESPN or local leagues around the world, Footballguys customers dominate their leagues.

With a paid staff of 70+ hardcore football writers and news hounds under contract, we'll put our staff up against anyone's.

► DOMINATE your league now with the Waiver & Trade Dominator! ファンタジーフットボールのシーズンが始まると、唯一の週刊ランキングを見ている男になることはありません。プレーオフを通じて週間後に週に勝つ選手を獲得することで、あなたのリーグを支配しています。免除ワイヤー、フリーエージェントとの取引:あなたの名簿を構築スマート取引を行います。 Footballguys免除貿易ドミネーターがあなたのガイドとします。



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アップデート: 2017/09/05
公開元: Footballguys
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