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無料androidアプリ「Ninja War Hero」の情報まとめページです。アプコレではアプリのダウンロードや売上の人気ランキング推移、おすすめポイントなどを掲載。 現在、 「圏外」です。

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4.2 (1,231)

Its the sequel of Ninja War Lord. Its the all new epic story of ninja warriors. As a Ninj…

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androidアプリ『Ninja War Hero』新着無料ランキング順位の推移


ゲーム/アクション: 現在 圏外(最高65位/236日前)

『Ninja War Hero』の開発者より

Its the sequel of Ninja War Lord. Its the all new epic story of ninja warriors. As a Ninja Fighter you have win the battle against the evil. Experience the most addictive ninja action game Ninja War Hero. Survive the most dangerous challenges that come your way. Ninja War Hero is an action combat game. It’s a super hero challenge to work on an mission in a new city in far East if Japan undercover to find the kidnappers, fight them and kill them all. Your city mafia gangs are going to help you. Don’t let the city police authorities know about your plans. Be brave enough to take vigorous action against your rivals. An ultimate war action game! You are going to play the role of Chen Yu to fight the battle against criminals. Don’t let your enemy know about your moves. Your secret mission involves using different combos of fighting with various weapons, undercover attacks and sneaking inside the territory in a stealth mode. Ruin your enemies’ missions before they even try to shoot you or kill you. This war is between you and your evil rivals who have kidnapped somebody. Enter the most realistic world of battle and win the war. Fight like a daredevil commando to catch the real killers. The death can’t even stop you from fulfilling your mission. Become bold and courageous city hero with an entire mafia gang. Only you can take the risk to kill them as a combat hero. Enjoy this fun addictive game like a true fighter legend boss! Play Ninja War Hero for an extreme crime simulator action adventure!

A classic ninja fighting adventure from the tales of 14th century with Kung Fu action, Japanese fighting skills, attack, clash and survival. The story is about a Japanese warrior villain Kai Long trying to take over the town in Far East of Japan. After the Battle of Kyoto in Ninja War Lord, Chen Yu is in pursuit of Kai Long who has taken away the Master's daughter. The clues have brought the Chen Yu to the Kaiyou Town in Far East of Japan. Kaiyou Town is a fictional town with a small population. The town is mostly developed over the water & is connected through canals only. Before the attack, it was a famous trading hub in East of Japan. Kai Long's Ninjas have taken control over the town & have kept the Master’s daughter imprisoned somewhere in town. Chen Yu is on a rescue mission. He has to find her & help the people of town too. The rival clans of Kai Long are fighting for invasions and power. We need an ultimate fighter to defeat the ally warriors & bring victory with his fighting skills and lethal strike to free our people. Chen Yu is a Ninja Spy & among the guardians-warriors. Chen Yu needs to stop the assassin and defeat the titans. Now its your turn to fight like a hero and free Master’s daughter to save the town. An ultimate street fighting adventure! An epic Kung Fu Ninja Fighting adventure for fighting action lovers!

Ninja War Hero features:
√ A fighter hero vs the kidnapers battle
√ Smooth, addictive and easy game play
√ Challenging missions in a 3D city environment with gangsters, thugs, secret agents, police and innocent people
√ Realistic animations of shooting and fighting
√ Smooth and easy controls of the mafia super hero
√ Different weapons to win your battle
√ Action packed levels 忍者大戦主のその続編。忍者戦士のそのすべて新しい叙事詩の物語。忍者ファイターとして、あなたは悪との戦いに勝利しています。最も中毒性の忍者アクションゲーム忍者大戦の英雄を体験してください。あなたの道を歩んで最も危険な挑戦を生き残ります。忍者戦争ヒーローアクション戦闘ゲームです。日本のアンダーカバーは、誘拐犯を見つける彼らと戦うし、それらすべてを殺すためにかどうかは極東で新しい街でのミッションで動作するようにスーパーヒーローの挑戦です。あなたの街のマフィアギャングはあなたを助けるしようとしています。市の警察当局は、あなたの計画について知ってはいけません。あなたのライバルに対して積極的な行動を取る勇気が必要です。究極の戦争アクションゲーム!あなたは犯罪者との戦いを戦うためにチェン・ユーの役割を果たししようとしています。敵があなたの動きについて知ってはいけません。あなたの秘密の使命は、様々な武器でおとり攻撃を戦うし、ステルスモードで領土内でこっそりの異なるコンボを使用することを含みます。彼らもあなたを撃つか、あなたを殺すためにしようとする前に、あなたの敵の任務を台無しに。この戦争は、あなたと誰かを誘拐してきたあなたの邪悪なライバルとの間にあります。戦いの最も現実的な世界を入力して、戦争に勝ちます。本物の殺人者をキャッチする命知らずのコマンドーのように戦います。死も、あなたの使命を果たすからあなたを停止することはできません。全体のマフィアギャングと大胆かつ勇敢市のヒーロー

情報更新日: 2017/06/06
アップデート: 2017/05/12
公開元: Nation Games 3D
利用制限など: 16 歳以上

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