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Welcome to the world of Stickman Prison Break Games. Play the role of a stickman prisoner…

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ゲーム/アクション: 現在 圏外(最高55位/222日前)

『Shadow Prison Break』の開発者より

Welcome to the world of Stickman Prison Break Games. Play the role of a stickman prisoner on a prison escape mission. The high security makes a jailbreak nearly impossible. This jail breakout adventure is going to be fun. You are going to play the role of a stickman gangster who is on a prison break mission. Escape this high security prison with the help of the mafia gang boss and other lockdown prisoners. Jail break is going to be fun in Shadow Prison Break, one of the best stickman prison break games. Solve the puzzles, pick locks, avoid being caught and plan an escape with your inmates. Escape like a real underworld don. Go for your freedom. Shadow Prison Break begins with a hard time to escape as a Prisoner in high security jail along with the other lockdown criminals. Seek help from your crazy cell inmates prison breaks expert for a prison breakout mission. Run for your life, meet your notorious criminals gang leader, fight the brutal targeted missions, escape from the inescapable security police chase and use your fighting, first person shooting and third person shooter skills. Escape, Run & Shoot police officers in Shadow Prison Break Adventure simulator! Play Brave criminal thrilling adventure police chase for a greater cause to plan a great escape. As a criminal mastermind, recruit villains to help you attack your rivals. Use all the possible tools to defend yourself and kill the cops for jail escape.

After the events of ultimate Shadow Mafia crime, you are finally captured by the police because of all the illegal activities carried out by the Mafia gang. Being imprisoned in a high security environment you have to make friends behind cells & plan the impossible escape. Steal the prison map, fight the security guards & disable the security system. Passing the advanced security system is going to be tough. Constant patrolling of wardens and guards with search lights after short intervals is making it impossible for you to sneak away. Dodge the cop guards with your fellow crooks to escape this place. Enjoy the thrill of police vs robbers bewildering missions. Use your weapons to kill the police officers by shooting & aiming at them. The hard time will pass away once you breakout free from the prison. The prison breakout & police chase adventure takes a new twist. The thrill is incomplete without cops vs robber’s thrilling story in the city of crime. Try escaping from even the narrowest ways. Running fast can make you farther from being caught and getting back to jail. Give them a hard time. Bang the innocents and thrash into wardens. Have a safe escape from your cell! Fight the brutal guards and wild dogs with hints and tools. Grab your weapons, make use of your fighting skills to fight for your survival.

Shadow Prison Break features:

√ Stealth mode
√ Escape gun shot
√ Solve the puzzles
√ Excellent shooting sounds
√ Pick locks & hack the security systems
√ Hand to Hand Combat & grapple moves
√ Super fast & smooth controls of fire gun shot
√ Amazing 3D high security Prison Environment
√ Thrill of Playing the Role of a Criminal prisoner
√ A Complete Prison Escape Story to Accomplish
√ Action packed challenging prison break missions
√ Crawl & avoid the search lights to escape the prison
√ Multiple gameplay challenging prisoner escape missions including gun shots and hitting
√ Realistic jail environment with prisoners, snipers, machine guns, police, chase dogs Stickmanのプリズンブレイクゲームの世界へようこそ。脱獄任務に棒人間囚人の役割を果たしています。高いセキュリティが脱獄はほぼ不可能になります。この刑務所脱走の冒険が楽しみになるだろう。あなたは刑務所ブレーク使命であるドラマーのギャングの役割を果たししようとしています。マフィアのギャングのボスや他のロックダウンの囚人の助けを借りて、この高いセキュリティの刑務所を脱出。刑務所ブレークはシャドウプリズンブレイク、最高のバッター刑務所ブレークゲームの一つで楽しいものになるだろう。 、パズルを解くロックを選んで、巻き込まれないよう、あなたの受刑者との脱出を計画しています。本物の冥界ドンのようなエスケープ。あなたの自由のために移動します。シャドウプリズンブレイクは、他のロックダウンの犯罪者と一緒に、高セキュリティ刑務所で囚人として逃れるために苦労することから始まります。刑務所脱走のミッションのためのあなたの狂気のセルの受刑者の刑務所の休憩の専門家からの助けを求めます。避けられないセキ

情報更新日: 2017/06/15
アップデート: 2017/05/16
公開元: Nation Games 3D
利用制限など: 12 歳以上

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