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Viking Studio Would like to welcome you to our superstitious flying Lightning Spider vs G…

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ゲーム/アクション: 現在 圏外(最高151位/37日前)

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Viking Studio Would like to welcome you to our superstitious flying Lightning Spider vs Gangster game with amazing rescue missions. You are scientist in a army secret laboratory. All truth about super mutant experiments are hidden. It will not be so easy to solve this mystery, maybe there will be some criminal elements too. So, solve this case by analyzing all clues. Maybe you will find something new about yourself too.
Lightning Spider vs Gangster Mafia Game Play:
The game play of this Super Lightining Spider vs Gangster Mafia is different as other rescue mission games. Our player will be flying Lightning Spider hero and we’ll fight against the gangsters, deadly criminals, mad city mafia and other immortal enemy shooters. We would have to save the innocent citizens of the whole futuristic city. Oh Should i tell you this amazing news, As a amazing spider mafia hero you can use different powers to beat your enemies , like lightining , throwing fire at them and many more.

Lightning Spider vs Gangster Mafia Features:

* Variety of rescue super spiders with high fly.
* Challenging City Rescue with flying superhero.
* Real time City Simulator against the deadly criminals.
* Final fight against gangsters.
* High Quality 3D, HD Graphics and Realistic Sound Effects.
* Devastating flying experience of amazing spider mafia hero.
* Survival City Environment to Explore against mad city mafia.

You can fly & you can move superfast like a spider. Use your super powers to save the people of the new york city from natural calamities in this futuristic rescue action game. Start a mortal battle against extraterrestrials. Crime rate is growing in the las vegas city and the situation is totally off the control for the Metropolitan Police and sheriff. This time your city will become a grand theft war-head zone. Don’t let the underworld killers rule the streets. Being a flying Lightning Spider hero, its your turn to show all your epic super natural powers and marvelous strategy to protect the people and whole world. Use incredible fighting skills and precise shooting proficiencies to eliminate crime battle. And become the most courageous and fearless war hero.
Prepare for epic fighting action with super heroes team. This is gonna be the greatest battles in a war history. War against assassins, champions, mafia's is nothing compare with this contest. Have you ever dreamed of being a battle hero, an action hero or a super hero? Futuristic battle is knocking at your door, you should prepare yourself for future fight. Get ready for a city war and be a city legend hero. Take part in this army battle war, you are on a secret mission, your mission is to clear the city from future crime, so fight secretly as a shadow hero or a dark hero. Make yourself an amazing super hero and a rope hero in this hero battle. Don't bear this injustice, prove yourself a good soldier and become a legend for your entire country. It's a mortal battle, behave like a strange hero, fight like a legend hero.
There were rumors in all city that Lightning Spider hero is gone because Lightning Spider hero lost his special flying powers and spider web. This guy found his hero suit specially designed by Iron hero legend. This spider suit has many special powers. When he tried he act like a Lightning Spider hero and become a homecoming spider boy. He decided to become a new spider web hero city protector. But he worked undercover because he did not have true hero powers. But he had courage to fight with evil robots, city gangsters and terrorists. Your mission in this spider game as a monster shooter is to do monster shooting and monster killing to save the city from the monster gangs.

Mutant Spider flying beast is an action-packed adventure of rope hero in vice town. Fight like a strange hero, be a legend of heroes and tagged yourself as hero of city. You are every one's hope and they are call

情報更新日: 2017/11/27
アップデート: 2017/11/14
公開元: Viking Studio
利用制限など: 3 歳以上

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