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ツール android
4.4 (13)

Remote app to control multiple NAS with the operating system NAS4Free.Version 0 2Overview: 1. Range of functions 2. Note 3. Privacy Policy 4. Disclaimer…

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Remote app to control multiple NAS with the operating system NAS4Free.Version
1. Range of functions
2. Note
3. Privacy Policy
4. Disclaimer
5: Changlog=Range of functions:
- Configure multiple NAS
- Language changeable (automatic/German/English)
- Online status of the NAS (online/offline)
- Shutdown
- Standby (S1/S2/S3)
- Restart
- NAS start by WakeOnLan (WoL)
- Display the volume levels with and without displaying the status of the disks
- Standby for single hard drives (not for Raid and zfs)
- Status of the miniDLNA (V1.1.4 & 1.1.5) Server (online/scanning/offline)
- miniDLNA start scanning
- Start / stop of the miniDLNA server
- Show miniDLNA log-file
- Screen orientation selectable (automatic/portrait/landscape)
- Dynamic IP adress (dhcp)
- Downloader (add and manage download commands)
- Usage (CPU/Core/Ram)
- Read SMART-data
- Tasker interface=Note:
To use the hole range of functions it is important to use the user root on the NAS and grant him the login by SSH service with password. Without root access the app is limited in it's functions.For feedback and request please write me an email to phontabapps(at)gmx.de, or use the link inside the app at information.You can find the privacy policy and the disclaimer at information inside the app.
=Privacy PolicyGeneral:
The data which were entered in this application (app), like username, password, IP-address etc. and the data from the NAS will only be stored on this device and will not be shared with others. The data will not be send to the developer or someone else for evaluation or other reasons. This app will not read data which are not important for it's function (e.g. contacts, telephone numbers etc.).Contacting:
The information which will be send by email will only be used to develop this app. This information will not passed on to someone else.Device access:
-Full network access:
The full network access is used to get network access and in case this app it is limited to the local area network (LAN). A Connection to any system outside the LAN is not scheduled.
-View Wi-Fi connections:
The view Wi-Fi connection access is used to make sure that a Wi-Fi connection is established before sending the commands to the NAS.
The developer is not liable for hardware or software damage, caused by using this app unless caused by intent or through gross negligence of the developer.Standby of hard drive:
The manual shutdown of the drives is at your own risk. The shutdown of one or more drives can lead to data loss.
New functions:
- MultiNAS configure multiple NAS
- View MiniDLNA Log
Bug fix:
- Wrong size values of ZFS-volumes-V0.4.1.0:
New functions:
- Optional double back to finish.
- I/O button on NAS list item (replaces the previous status display)
Bug fix:
- not updating zfs-volumes-V0.4.2.0:
New functions:
- Add a view for not mounted devices
- Add a view for ISO volumes
- Add a Tasker interface for standby, WoL, shutdown and reboot-V0.4.3.0:
New functions:
- switch betwenn full an importent SMART data
Bug fix:
- some bugs while downloading the volumedata
- updating the filling level of ZFS-volumes
- cancel download volumedata-V0.4.4.0:
New functions:
- save password or not
- change progress indicator from wheel to bar-V0.4.4.1:
Added some small bug fixes-V0.4.4.2:
Bug fix:
- Updating Zfs-volumes with NAS4Free 9.X
- Standby, restart and shutdown commands in I/O menu on main page オペレーティングシステムNAS4Freeで複数のNASを制御するリモートアプリ。バージョン0.4.4.2概要:

情報更新日: 2016/12/06
アップデート: 2016/12/02
公開元: Pho'n'TabApps
利用制限など: 3 歳以上