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Max Reader - News, RSS feeds androidアプリ
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Your news and knowledge app featuring a speak aloud assistant Read news when without internet and access instant word definition Unique Features: Speak aloud assistant …

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Your news and knowledge app featuring a speak aloud assistant
Read news when without internet and access instant word definition
Unique Features:
◆ Speak aloud assistant
◆ Read full articles without internet
◆ Double tap a word for instant meaning
◆ Amazon Kindle style reading customisation
◆ Modern design themes
◆ Read top news websites in one place

Read Top news papers, news channels, news websites:
BBC News, CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Forbes, TechCrunch, Yahoo news, Washington Post, Fox News, abcNews, Reuters, The guardian, Medical news today and many more. Catch up with the live news, updates. Catch up with the live news, updates. Quickly access through home screen widget

Amazon Kindle style reading customisation:
◆ Switch between beautiful UI layouts
◆ Change text font, 20 dynamic text fonts to choose from
◆ Set your own color styling to match your reading comfort
◆ Adjust brightness
◆ Full Screen Immersive reading

Offline Dictionary Feature:
◆ View instant word definition without internet
◆ Download your language dictionary.
◆ Choose from 148 language dictionaries
◆ View dictionary definition, web definition, wikipedia entries, all in one dialog

Other Features:
◆ Add and watch YouTube News Channels
◆ One tap full screen reading
◆ Set news update interval
◆ Share multiple articles with friends in one step
◆ RSS feed reader with import and export options

Features description:
Themes Feature:
Switch between the beautiful themes any time. Customise your theme based on your preferences. Whats more, all your settings for each theme are saved automatically. So when you go back to a theme, all settings you used before are retained.

Dynamic Settings:
Dynamically adjust text size, change font style, change background colour or text colour, adjust brightness etc. If you want to just get back to default settings, simply click on the reset button. You can customise almost everything based on your reading preferences.

Dictionary access:
This feature is very useful for anyone who likes to see word definition instantly whenever they encounter a new word while reading any news article. A simple double tap on a word will pop up the dictionary and shows up word definition from both offline dictionary and web.

Thanks to the open source projects FeedEx (aka Flym by Frédéric Julian) and QuicDic. This application combines the power of both projects into one.

Get latest news from your favourite feeds. Get offline news in any language. It's a proper news reader app like Google Play Newsstand, Feedly and Pulse. Offline news available with instant word meaning with offline dictionary, subscribe to news in different languages, your favourite articles list etc. With this RSS reader, you can subscribe to any RSS feed to get offline news.

Offline dictionary and instant word definition feature is not available in other popular news readers, RSS readers like Google Currents, Feedly and Pulse.

Your best news reader app. Read top news feeds with this perfectly designed RSS reader. A true RSS news aggregator app. Reading news is easier, catch all updates in one place. Not only text news feeds, you can also subscribe to Youtube news channels and watch news videos directly in the app.

This is your perfect RSS reader and news feed reader. You can subscribe to RSS feeds from any news news site. App delivers the news feeds with daily updates. Catch latest news , top stories, breaking news around world.

World news via RSS feeds. Read news, breaking stories from top sites like CNN News, BBC News, NYT News, Yahoo News, Fox News, WSJ News, abc News. You can add news sites from categories : world news, technology news, lifestyle ne

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アップデート: 2017/03/30
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