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動画プレーヤー&エディタ android
VRTV VR Video Player Free androidアプリ
4.1 (1,507)

Watch your favorite 2D and 3D videos in VR with VRTV VR Video Player and a Cardboard comp…

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Watch your favorite 2D and 3D videos in VR with VRTV VR Video Player and a Cardboard compatible headset! VRTV features beautiful virtual environments and is the ONLY VR video player that supports watching together with a friend in full synchronised play.VTRV VR Video Player has great support for all common 3D/2D formats and modes including 180, 220, 270 and 360 panoramas and fisheye objective projection.If you enjoy the free version, why not try the full version? It features:
- An additional virtual environment: a cozy living room!
- Next/previous buttons, skip between files in the same directory without leaving VR.
- No ads!VRTV VR Video Player features:- Synchronization feature! Enjoy watching a movie together with another Cardboard friend!- Subtitles in SRT format, with full support for RTL languages, Unicode characters and automatic encoding detection.- Configurable subtitle size.- Immersive virtual environments. Watch in your own home theater, or in a crafty cave.- Player controls in a great VR UI.- Fully configurable gamepad and keyboard controls.- Supports 3D and 2D movies in a variety of formats: Side by side (SBS), Over and Under (OU, Top and Bottom), Panoramic video in 180 (Dome), 220, 270 and 360 degrees. Also supports fisheye projection videos.- Simple material design.- Uses the latest Cardboard SDK with less drift.- Headset configuration from within the app. Supports several different head trackers, find the one that works best with your phone and eliminate drift.- Streaming files over a network. Open a stream from VRTV or use your favourite browser of file explorer to open streams in VRTV VR Video Player.- Static video mode. For long movies, lock the video in place right in front of you.Synchronization instructions:- Synchronization is a new feature that keeps a movie in sync between two devices. To enable sync, first set up the IP of your peer in Settings/General, where you can also find the IP of your own device. Do this on both phones.- Select a video to play. If it's a local video it must be present on both devices.- In the VR UI, click the "sync" button on both devices to enable synchronization.- On one of the devices, start the video by pressing the play button. After a small delay, the movie will start playing synchronized on both devices. Seeking and network play is supported!This application is supported by ads, but will not interrupt or otherwise limit your viewing experience. If you'd like to support the development, please rate the application and write a review, or purchase the full version! Feature suggestions and bug reports are always welcome!Permission usage:NFC, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Used by the Cardboard SDK to set up and save your headset configuration.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: Used for finding the IP of your device and displaying it in the Sync settings, to help set up synchronized play with another device. INTERNET, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Required for accessing media on the device and for streaming.Note: The VIBRATE permission is not used and will be removed in the next release. VRTV VRビデオプレーヤーやダンボール互換性のあるヘッドセットとVRでお気に入り2Dと3D動画を見ます! VRTVは美しい仮想環境を備えており、完全な同期プレイで友達と一緒に見てサポートしている唯一のVRビデオプレーヤーです。VTRV VRビデオプレーヤーは180、220、270および360パノラマや魚眼レンズ客観投影を含むすべての一般的な3D / 2D形式とモードのための素晴らしいサポートを持っています。あなたは無料版を楽しむなら、なぜフルバージョンを試してみませんか?それは特徴:
- 追加の仮想環境:居心地の良いリビングルーム!
- 次/前のボタンは、VRを離れることなく、同じディレクトリ内のファイルとの間でスキップします。
- 広告なし!VRTV VRビデオプレーヤーを備えています: - 同期機能!別の段ボールの友人と一緒に映画を見てお楽しみください! - RTL言語、Unicode文字や自動エンコーディング検出を完全にサポートしSRT形式の字幕、。 - 設定可能な字幕のサイズ。 - 没入型仮想環境。あなた自身のホームシアターで、または狡猾な洞窟でご覧ください。 - プレイヤーは偉大なVR UIで制御します。 - 完全に構成ゲームパッドとキーボードを制御します。オーバーやアンダー(OU、トップおよびボトム)、180(ドーム)、220、270および360度パノラマ映像、側(SBS)によってサイド: -

情報更新日: 2016/11/26
アップデート: 2016/11/05
公開元: Chai Software
利用制限など: 3 歳以上

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