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無料iPhone/iPadアプリ「iCommand Lite」の情報まとめページです。アプコレではアプリのダウンロードや売上の人気ランキング推移、おすすめポイントなどを掲載。 現在、 「圏外」です。

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iCommand for iOS is a console integrated shell and ms-dos command. It’s absolutely a usefu…

『iCommand Lite』の開発者より

iCommand for iOS is a console integrated shell and ms-dos command. It’s absolutely a useful and charming tool for people who are crazy coding by shell/ms-dos commands and programming.

⇒ Interactive interpreter.
⇒ Gesture recognizer for previous/next/clear command.
⇒ Optimized for both Portrait and Landscape orientations.
⇒ All standard modules included.
⇒ Powerful dos/shell command management.
⇒ Powerful file system management.
⇒ Powerful hardware management.
⇒ Powerful social system management.

⇒ Using ‘wc’ to statistic lines, words, characters.
⇒ Using ‘grep’ to search that contain inputs.
⇒ Using ‘telnet’ to scan available server and port.
⇒ Using ‘openssl’ to hash/encrypt file, support sha256, base64 and md5.
⇒ Using ‘curl’ to parse url that you access.
⇒ Using ‘nslookup’ to translate url to ip address.
⇒ Using ‘help’ for checking all provided command.
⇒ Using ‘device’ for checking basic device information.
⇒ Using ‘zip/unzip’ for zipping/unzipping file or directory.
⇒ Using ‘ipconfig’ for checking network status.
⇒ Using ‘ping’ for checking remote server status.
⇒ Using ‘ps’ for checking all running processes.
⇒ Using ‘gps’ for checking current latitude and longitude and altitude.
⇒ Using ‘flashlight’ for open/close flashlight.
⇒ Using ‘camera/video’ for quick open instant camera.
⇒ Using ‘server’ for uploading anything to your iPhone/iPad, when uploading photos will automatically synced into album. it also support for downloading anything from your devices.
⇒ Using ‘qr’ for sharing message by qrcode.
⇒ Using ‘facebook’, 'twitter' for sharing message by social network.

⇒ Using ‘Swipe up/down’ for clearing current command.
⇒ Using ‘Swipe left’ for showing previous exec command.
⇒ Using ‘Swipe right’ for showing next exec command.

iCommand total support iPhone/iPad devices, support iOS 4.3 and above OS.

Now, we are glad to collect your ideas for what command you need? Please contact us via zny.lab@gmail.com, we hope make this tool more powerful!!!
情報更新日: 2013/05/18
公開元:zhao guo
利用制限など: 4+

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